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Festival Internacional de Cine Friki

Rules & Terms

- Productions must have been completed after March, 2021.
- Feature films must be over 70 minutes.
- Short films must be under 15 minutes.
-Trailers must be under 2 minutes.
- Films must be in Spanish or have Spanish subtitles for selection.
- Films will be screened in DCP format. After selection, DCP files must be send. The festival can make DCP files for an additional fee.
- There must not be a screening fee attached to the film.
- All entries selected into the festival grant FICF the right to use any footage from the
screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials sent to us pertaining
to this entry for FICF's promotional purposes, without limitations. Complete press kit for
films will be requested only after acceptance.
- FICF reserves the right to withdraw any film from the lineup, before or during the event.
All selected films/representatives warrant that they have all the necessary rights to exhibit
all elements of my submission, including music rights.
- FICF reserves the right to stop watching your film after 15 minutes if the reviewer
determines that the film’s technical quality is not at a baseline level for festival inclusion.
- Categories might be declared empty if there are not enough submissions or if the judges consider the submissions don't match the minimal technical and artistic requirements.
- Winners of the festival that can't attend the awards ceremony must cover the shipping and handling fees to get their trophy.
- I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance or nomination
into and at FICF

Illustration of Bones and a Scary Eye

Because there are always questions and we are here to answer.

  • Where can I submit my film?
    Film submissions are done throught Filmfreeway and Festhome.
  • What films are accepted?
    Films that explore both horror and sci-fi/fantasy. We also have a trailer category.
  • Does FICF have money prices?
    Yes! We believe in supporting filmmakers with a little money incentive. We also have some really cool looking trophies.
  • What kind of festival is FICF?
    We are a festival done by filmmakers for filmmakers. We started doing this because we love watching films. We want to support and encourage filmmakers to explore the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genres.
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